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With the almost infinite number of choices that consumers have nowadays, it can be easy to feel like your product is lost in the crowd.

How your brand is presented to your customers matters, and the first thing they are going to notice is the packaging that the product is in.

It’s important that you get your message across in your packaging as efficiently as possible.

So what does your packaging say about your brand?

It Tells Your Story

There’s no denying that an emotional connection is a powerful tool when it comes to selling a product. Your packaging is a great place to sell your story to your customer.

However, at the same time, you don’t want to bombard your customer with too much information all at once. Finding the right balance of text on your packaging is key to grab a potential customer’s attention.

It Reflects Your Values

If your brand is dedicated to ideas such as minimalism or eco-friendliness, that should be reflected in your product packaging.

Go with a minimalist design on the packaging or make it out of reused plastic or paper.

You want to use every opportunity afforded to you to showcase your brand’s values to your customers.

It Shows You Trust Your Product

The benefit of clear product packaging is the ability to show your customer exactly what they’ll be getting.

Lesser brands often hide the size or quality of their product behind opaque, misleading packaging to trick people into buying them.

Having clear packaging shows that you trust your product enough for the customer to see exactly what they’ll be getting.

It Shows How Much You Value Your Own Product

Having packaging that you use simply because it’s the cheapest or easily available reflects poorly on the product itself.

Customers can get a sense of the quality of the product based on the quality of packaging that it is in. You don’t want the first impression of your product to be that you didn’t care enough to give it proper packaging.

What does your product packaging say about your brand?

Ideally, it should match up perfectly to how you market your brand outside of the packaging as well.

Here at Food Paper we can customise any paper packaging to suit your business needs.

From bespoke designs to specially cut shapes, we can do it all.

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