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Responsible and Sustainably Sourced Food Paper Packaging

  1. Reduce Reuse Recycle make “reduce, reuse, recycle” your mantra. Remembering the waste hierarchy will help you in every aspect of making your packaging environmentally friendlier. Ask yourself questions and be honest with the answers. What will happen to the packaging after its initial use has been completed? How will utilising a particular packaging material affect your business usage of non-environmentally friendly materials? Is the packaging recyclable? Is it recyclable in the destination of the product? Will you be able to reuse the packaging at company level? Will the end consumer be able to reuse the packaging on an individual level? If the packaging is not recycled, will it biodegrade?
  2. Versatile
    Paper packaging might not be your first thought when it comes to a material that is suitable for a variety of different temperatures and conditions, but if you are just picturing soggy brown paper bags – think again. Food Paper have designed and manufactured paper packaging products that are not only environmentally friendly but can handle extremes of temperature and have excellent strength properties. The packaging can also reduce the need for oils and fats, for increased product lifespan.
  3. Sustainable
    Just because its paper does not mean it is sustainable. Check the sources used by the manufacturer. Responsible manufacturers will ensure that their paper packaging is procured from sustainable sources, such as managed forestry resources accredited to the Forestry Stewardship Council. Food Paper manufacture all our products from natural cellulose fibres, vegetable, plant materials or virgin pulp, sourced from sustainable forestry resources.
  4. Strong
    Transportation, warehousing, packing and at-home storage can all take its toll on the packaging of a product. While plastic might seem like the only option to ensure a damage free product, with packaging that does not lose its looks, there is an environmentally friendly alternative. Food Paper combines corrugated board with coated paper liners for an environmentally friendly, plastic packaging alternative, that is strong, cost-effective, versatile and, in most combinations, 100% recyclable.
  5. Food-Friendly
    Consumers have made their voices heard; they are tired of too much plastic packaging surrounding foods. From plastic wrapped individual oranges to layers of plastic just to get to your ready meal, (not to mention the bag you carry it in and the fork you use to eat it) it is time for a change. Paper packaging again is your answer. Food Paper products are specifically designed for direct food contact ( keeping things hygienic ). There are options for aesthetically and environmentally pleasing bakery, deli, butchery, and cheese alternatives to plastic. And you can even have your cake and eat it with paper packaging options that are perfect for your shop’s confectionery counter.

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