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Baking Papers

From pastry and bread to butternut squash and sweet potato chips, our papers will gently protect your food from contact with the surface, without leaving behind any residue or contamination.

We manufacture and supply coated papers for bakeries, large & small. Our Food Paper products are made to bespoke or common sizes and can be supplied in an array of paper weights and types, such as grease-proof, siliconised, waxed coated papers or parchments. Whether manufacturing cookies, cakes, pastries, bread or vegetables, we have a suitable paper for your application.

Raw Meats

Our papers sit between burger patties or under minced meat, and provide a double-sided protection from each surface, leading to a perfect release when separated.  Whether red meats, chicken or fish, we have a suitable paper.


Specialist papers for sweet pastry applications deliver an efficient and cost-effective processing option. Coated papers often negate the need for oils and fats and will give a purer taste, as well as presenting a clean surface for the consumer to enjoy.

Quick Service Restaurants

We’re able to supply a full suite of stock and bespoke packaging materials, which are suitable for direct food contact. These may include kraft papers, wax-papers, grease-proof, parchments and more. We can supply paper sheets, reels or bespoke die-cut shapes.


We manufacture a wide range of paper-based packaging styles for ‘deli counter’ applications.  These can be plain, or printed with bespoke artwork, and specified to be suitable for cooked and uncooked meats, cheeses and pastry.


We supply papers with speciality coatings for cheese and butter that are often highly decorative and suitable for presentation at the point of sale, on shelf, or in the deli counter.

Plant Based Papers for ALL industries!

We often use plant-based papers which give a grease resistant based barrier on 100% primary fibre papers. Completely pure and free from plastic and fluorochemicals, they are renewable and biodegradable.

“I know what you are thinking… Does my business need paper? I can use fats, oils or silicone liners and in some cases you’d be right! But, if you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always had.  Do you know what you could be missing out on? 

Think about that while you’re scrubbing the tray…”

Richard – Food Paper

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Food Paper is a trading style of Linwood Raker Ltd, established in 2017.

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