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About Us

We are passionate about delivering solutions that add value to our clients

Richard SmithFounder Food paper

The best place to solve a problem is on paper.

Jim Rohn

Who are we?

Food Paper is a trading style of Linwood Raker Ltd, a UK based manufacturer of direct food contact paper products. Established in 2017.

Attention to Detail

We are a dedicated team that have a passion for providing value to our clients through innovative solutions, products, and service to food clients, who require the intervention of paper in the processing, packaging, or presentation of food.

Our papers are used by food professionals who specify exacting requirements for their products at different stages of the food lifecycle. Our paper ensures that the food is protected from the surfaces it encounters and, in doing so, protecting those surfaces against the food.



We pride ourselves on having excellent customer service, backed by a proactive attitude. This enables us to form close relationships with our customers and achieve a high degree of empathy, allowing us to understand their needs, often before they realise the needs themselves.


We ensure that our products are stringently controlled throughout each stage of the manufacturing process. This is achieved by a system of procedures, backed by our BRC ‘High Risk’ Hygiene accreditation and formal HACCP plan.


We understand that speed of response is critical, particularly in the NPD supply chain. We are highly regarded by our clients for our ability to react and to turn around bespoke, demanding projects within very tight timescales.


We understand that not every application is the same and different processes require a different approach. We can tailor our solutions, products, and level of service according to the bespoke needs of an individual client.

Food Paper

A Natural Performer!

All our papers are natural, sustainable and perform exceptionally well under challenging conditions. Find out if our papers can add value to your business.
FSC accredited, recyclable / economic options, super absorbent, super release.

A: Fulwood Rd North, Huthwaite,
NG17 2NB, UK
T: +44 (0) 1773 302960
E: [email protected]